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What will I receive?

St Louis Jewelry Appraisals

  • A cover page stating the type of appraisal performed.
  • Information about the specific type of appraisal and the appraisal process as well as legal disclaimers and dates showing when the jewelry was received and appraised.
  • The main body of the appraisal with the comprehensive evaluation of the item or items being appraised.
    This section will include but not be limited to:
    • A detailed description of each piece of jewelry
    • Digital color photographs of each item
    • Carat weight (estimated if in a mounting)
    • AGS/GIA clarity & color, if applicable
    • Cut description, if applicable
    • Value, including tax, if applicable
    • Comments, if applicable
  • A page containing the AGS/GIA clarity comparison chart for diamonds, if applicable.
  • A page listing the appraiser’s professional profile, a list of all instruments used during the appraisal process and a bibliography of research material used.
  • Your jewelry will be cleaned and tarnish removed before being returned to you.
  • Finally an appraisal summary page with all items and their appraised value listed and totaled and an area for the appraiser’s signature.

We will not remove mounted stones from your jewelry. Therefore size measurements and weights will be approximations.

It is important to note that if you have any supporting documentation for the stones in your jewelry (purchase receipt, laboratory reports, etc.) these will prove helpful to us in creating the most accurate description and help speed the appraisal process.

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