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Appraisal Intake Form

When you bring your jewelry in to be appraised our staff will go over each piece with you and fill our an appraisal intake form for our records. This information is essential for us to provide you with the most accurate and complete appraisal possible.

It is important to note that we will not disassemble your jewelry to weigh the stones, but will make estimates based on the type of cut and measured size. Therefore, if you have any supporting documentation for the stones in your jewelry (purchase receipt, laboratory reports, etc.), these will prove helpful to us in creating the most accurate description and help speed the appraisal process.

If you are sending your jewelry to us, we suggest you spend time going over our website and when you are ready to send us your items for appraisal, please fill out our appraisal form.

You may either print, fill out manually and mail the paper form or fill out our electronic form.

download the PDF